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Went on a shopping spree this morning and since I had promise to show [ profile] gokuma my goodies, here they are:

1. Tea!!! I'm completely addicted to tea and my stock was already running low. Said stock had been replenished in early January when my dad gave me several boxes and tins of assorted teas for my birthday.
Behold the yummyness:

1. Black tea with ginger. And cinnamon, orange peel, cardamom, pink pepper. hmmmmm
2. Red Fruit Burst. It's so good I had to buy 2. In my defence, it only has 10 bags a packet and I drink it like water ^___~  
3. My good ol' favourite black tea ~ Ceylon. Comfort tea.
4. Green tea with orange-tree flower. Simply delicious.

2. Tea Candles. Jasmine and Orchid scented. They smell wonderfully when burned, not all candles do (and they're cheap too) see pic below for the candles in action.

3.  Moisturising Cream - Imperfections corrector (it says it reduces pimples and redness, cleans and closes pores) and S.O.S. Gel - anti-pimple (promises to reduce pimples in 4 hours) there was another one that claimed it worked in ONE hour, but we all know about quick fixes, so I went with this one. It smells of fruity Italian spumante (sparkling wine) xD
I'm THIRTY btw. It's a curse but at least I'm not getting wrinkles any time soon.

4. Foundation. A brand new one from L'Oréal. It comes with a fluffy brush for applying it, although I though all the tones were too dark.
I used to have a lovely tan looking skin all year long (when I was a kid I was once mistaken for an Indian girl (as in from India and not Native AmericanxD) but I've lost my colour, I'm  pale and yellowy these days, not even a long vacation at the sea will make much darker *pouts* I want my colour back!  Have too see if this lives up to its promises.

5. Shampoo with Peach and Papaya extracts from Lidl. I've thin, oily hair, have to wash it every other day, everyday in Summer, and most shampoos make it heavy and lifeless or a tangled mess; this cheap little shampoo from a store that is more known for bargains than hair care quality, it's my jackpot in shampoos.

6. Eyeshadows. Lots and lots of eyeshadows. Look at all those pretty colours. Damn! Eyeshadows are expensive and I didn't even go for the top designer brands. Ended up picking these, might not be the best quality but it certainly makes up for the sheer amount. Maybe I'll get lucky like with the shampoo;)

7. Blush. More brown than pink. I look like someone who doesn't know how to apply make-up with pink blush. Reeeeal tacky ^___^'

An angle brush, for applying eyeliner and colour to the corner of the eye. Finally got one! Been meaning to buy one for ages.
(Random: my bedspread looks like denim using the macro function of the camera;P)

9. Lipgloss. It matches my lips' colour exactly. It seems it only adds shimmer. It wasn't the effect I was going for but I like it.

10. Ring. Very cool ring.

11. Necklace. I bought it more for the chain, so I could use another pendant I have, but it's been growing on me all afternoon:)

The little tea candle at work on my bedroom window.
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