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I'd forgotten to post this, *DUH* It's the last of the Valentine's drabble's series, a week later but hope you've enjoyed and stay tuned for some replies to the answered/unfinished drabbles.

[Title]: My Crooked Valentine
[Characters]: Ishida Uryuu and Kurosaki Ichigo.
[Summary]: Ichigo and Uryuu exchange presents on Valentine's Day.
[Word Count]: 620
[Finished]: 09.February.2008
[Beta]: Not beta-read
[Warnings]: As My Clingy Valentine, this piece has some themes that some people might not enjoy. So read at your own risk. And my deepest apologies for any damaged caused to your sanity. It's a dead give away if you've read the ficlet mentioned.XD
[Notes]: Ichigo and Uryuu's turn at Valentine's Day, another first time pair for me.
Totally inspired by this doujinshi that you can get at the Dangerous Pleasure's scanlation site. 

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[Title]: My Dainty Valentine
[Characters]: Ayasegawa Yumichika and Madarame Ikkaku.
[Summary]: Getting Yumi a Valentine's Day present seems to be an, almost, impossible task for Ikkaku.
[Word Count]: 950
[Finished]: 11.February.2008
[Beta]: Not beta-read
[Warnings]: Some cursing.
[Notes]: Yumi and Ikka are perfect for valentine, they couldn't miss these drabbles.

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[Title]: My Unexpected Valentine
[Characters]: Abarai Renji, Kuchiki Byakuya and Zaraki Kenpachi.
[Summary]: Byakuya receives an unexpected visit from  Kenpachi.
[Word Count]: 395
[Finished]: 10.February.2008
[Beta]: Not beta-read
[Warnings]: Please be warned of the complete crack and OOCness of this drabble.
[Notes]: Refer to You Can Kiss... for info about this pairing background story.

My Unexpected Valentine )
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[Title]: My Indolent Valentine
[Characters]: Aizen Sousuke and Ichimaru Gin
[Summary]: More leisure moments in Hueco Mundo.
[Word Count]: 215
[Finished]: 08.February.2008
[Beta]: Not beta-read
[Warnings]: Spoilers for Soul Society Arc
[Notes]: The very first drabble I wrote for this series. Then I flipped a coin to find out the posting order. And another first, Aizen/Gin, I've been meaning to write them for so long.

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[Title]: My Jealous Valentine
[Characters]: Abarai Renji and Kuchiki Byakuya. Mentions of Kurosaki Ichigo.
[Summary]: Certain, orange-haired, insecurities assault Byakuya and his relationship with Renji this Valentine's day.
[Word Count]: 405
[Finished]: 08.February.2008
[Beta]: Not beta-read
[Warnings]: none.
[Notes]: I couldn't leave my Bleach OTP out of this now, could I? Again, if you haven't read my Mistletoe drabbles and want to know what the hell they're talkin' about I recommend reading Stolen.

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[Title]: My Strawberry Valentine
[Characters]: Abarai Renji and Kurosaki Ichigo
[Summary]: Ichigo doesn't really care for strawberries but Renji seems to really like them.
[Word Count]: 385
[Finished]: 09.February.2008
[Beta]: Not beta-read
[Warnings]: This will make a lot more sense if you're aware that strawberry in Japanese, is ICHIGO.
[Notes]: I didn't say this before but in order to write these Valentine's drabbles, I wrote down a series of pairings and went looking for inspiration. This mini-comic was what  inspired this drabble, well the top panel, really.

My Strawberry Valentine )

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[Title]: My Creamy Valentine
[Characters]: Ukitake Jyuushiro. Mentions of Kyouraku Shunsui.
[Summary]: Ukitake comes to you for advice.
[Word Count]: 395
[Finished]: 09.February.2008
[Beta]: Not beta-read
[Warnings]: Completely safe. For those who haven't read my Mistletoe Kisses drabbles, I suggest reading "A Room Full of Mistletoe, Wasted!"to know what Jyuushiro is talking about.
[Notes]: My first attempt at writing 1st person and Present tense.

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[Title]: My Clingy Valentine
[Characters]: Ishida Ryuuken, Kurosaki Isshin.
[Summary]: Ryuuken's complicated day at work, gets even more stressful with Isshin's interference.
[Word Count]: 1105
[Finished]: 09.February.2008
[Beta]: Not beta-read
[Warnings]: Okay, this piece has a theme some people might squirm at a bit. It's nothing too gruesome but I know some don't take it all too good. I rather not say what it is exactly as it would spoil the fun. So read at your own risk. And my deepest appologies for any damaged caused to your sanity.

[Notes]: Pure crackiness and a whole lot of fluff. You might turn into a neat pile of goo while reading this, so I recommend a large bucket. Totally inspired by this doujinshi that you can get at the Dangerous Pleasure's scanlation site. 

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[Title]: My Taciturn Valentine
[Characters]: Grimmjow Jaegerjaques, Ulquiorra Shiffer
[Summary]: Leisure moments in Hueco Mundo
[Word Count]: 280
[Finished]: 11.February.2008
[Beta]: Not beta-read
[Warnings]: Spoilers for Arrancar Arc.
[Notes]: My first try at some Arrancar lovin'.

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Look who's back with another batch of drabble madness;] This time for Valentine's Day; 11 new drabbles with a romantic tone, or not, to be posted until February 14th. Two everyday and 5 on the Valentine's Day.

[Title]:  My Broken Valentine
[Characters]: Kira Izuru, Madarame Ikkaku.
[Summary]: Kira wants to give Madarame a present. An appreciation gift for all the trouble he's been having with depressed Izuru. But what Ikkaku wants, comes as a surprise and rips opened old wounds.
[Word Count]: 790
[Finished]: 10.February.2008
[Beta]: Not beta-read, cos it was sort of a last minute thing and I wanted to post it right away, and cos I have something else, bigger, for my beta-reader to work on.
[Warnings]: Spoilers for Soul Society  Arc.
[Notes]: This first piece has a very unusual pairing that was brought to my attention by the doodles of my friend Chuchacz from Y!Gallery. She did a series of Kira/Madarame pics and it caught my eye, and I've been wanting to write something for them ever since. For some reason my original intents of doing a fluffy drabble failed thru with this piece, it ended up  sad and very angsty. The others to come will have the fluff, the crack and all other lovely things associated with Valentine's day.

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BLEACH - Various Pairings - COMPLETE (11 Drabbles/Ficlets)

[Summary]: Eleven drabbles with a romantic feeling, or not, to celebrate Valentine's day. Various pairings; the usual suspects and some new, less orthodox ones.

My _ _ _ _ _ Valentine )


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